Our annual programme is our most important platform for promoting women’s leadership and for enriching each other’s lives by sharing knowledge, ideas and intellectual capital. Our programme is the key to providing and maintaining our sense of community.

The programme includes: member breakfasts; behind-the-scenes tours; special briefings; member dine-arounds; special interest groups and our annual events: Annual General Meeting; Jean Denton Lecture; Summer Reception and Christmas Breakfast.

In addition, we look to promote the international agenda and benefits of membership of IWF through participation in the IWF programme, including two major events in the year, one in North America and one elsewhere in the world.

August Events

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22/08/2017 - 10:00
IWF UK Summer Breakfast
September Events

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12/09/2017 - 18:30
ELN 'A Conversation with ... Alison Maitland'
19/09/2017 - 08:00
IWF UK Breakfast
28/09/2017 - 17:30
IWF UK Theatre event: Girl from the North Country...

Later in the Year

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06/11/2017 - 18:30
Behind the Scenes at the Reform Club
20/11/2017 - 19:00
Autumn Reception
09/11/2017 - 08:00
IWF UK Breakfast
05/12/2017 - 08:00
IWF UK Christmas Breakfast
16/11/2017 - 18:30
Life on Boards: Charities
13/12/2017 - 18:30
IWF UK event with Margaret Heffernan
October Events

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02/10/2017 - 18:30
Life on Boards: Higher Education
11/10/2017 - 08:00
IWF UK Breakfast
25/10/2017 - 17:00
IWF World Leadership Conference in Houston